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Why give your dog freeze dried food?

What is freeze dried food? Why should I use freeze dried products?

Here at the Natural dog we love freeze dried products because you get the benefits of raw food in the convenience of dried food. Unlike kibbles and biscuits usually you don’t get the fillers like grains, cereals and sugars.

Freeze dried is the next best thing after raw. When a product is freeze dried it simply takes the water out leaving the vitamins and minerals intact and furthermore the enzymes and probiotics too. When hydrated they spring back life. Another great thing about freeze dried is the flavour becomes more concentrated (because water is a huge percentage of raw meat) and is more appealing to fussy dogs.


The first product I want to talk about is Tripe. Here in rural Australia we can’t source green tripe from any local market or store, so we found a company that does freeze dried which we have since become a stockist for because we love their products and values. Green tripe is really good for your dog; it is nature’s doggy superfood, full of good bacteria, gut flora naturally-occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes and is just fantastic for overall digestive health. Once bleached, which is what you get from stores or butchers, it has zero nutritional value.

Freeze Dried Meals

The second product I want to talk about is the freeze dried meals. We feed mostly a barf products for convenience in our household, you can read more in our blog about Raw diet but we like to go away with our dogs and apart from being impractical quite often it is impossible because you need freezer and fridge space for travelling and storing. With freeze dried there is no unpleasant odour till you rehydrate, it is cleaner and you simply put the bag in the car, no special requirements. It makes camping a breeze and going to friends and family so much easier and I know I giving the best to my dog.

Not all freeze dried products are the same, look for:

  • Pure ingredients

  • Grain and filler free

  • Grass fed

  • Check nutritional analysis for protein, fats vitamins and minerals.

K9 Naturals

We recommend K9 Naturals which is what we use and our dogs love.

Want to try? Shop here.

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