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Dog Training

  • Get the benefit of personalized intense training specifically for your...

    1 hr

    60 Australian dollars
  • Personalized intense training specifically for truffle dogs.

    1 hr

    200 Australian dollars
  • Get the benefit of personalized intense training specifically for your...

    1 hr

    90 Australian dollars
  • Progressions level 1-2


    250 Australian dollars
  • Learn about the awesome sport Hoopers

    30 min

    30 Australian dollars
  • Have fun while you learn new skills with your dog

    Duration Varies

    15 Australian dollars
  • Dog socialisation and life skills

    Duration Varies

    15 Australian dollars

Concept training, a new flair on dog training. It allows you to enjoy your dogs and train life skills at the same time. If you enjoy training you are more likely to continue.

Concept and Games based training 

Traditional training emphasizes commands, like ‘sit’ ‘down’ and ‘stay’. While these are important behaviours for a dog to learn, a concept trainer's methods incorporate a different approach – one backed by the latest science. I teach dogs to think and make good choices, and encourage them to work *with* you, all by playing games that build trust, confidence and a positive relationship.​

We work through fun games which shape your dog’s brain – and their behaviour - by strengthening concepts such as confidence, impulse control and calmness to name a few. The more we reward the positive choices that our dog makes, and change the language of No don't do that to, what would I rather my dog be doing? The aim is to reinforce and strengthen the right choice,  which will lead to the good behaviour being repeated in the future. 

Naturally, my own dogs were the first beneficiaries of my games-based training. As I started to see real-life changes in them, and my truffling became easier. I knew I could help other dogs with similar struggles and that's when I decided to take dog training full time.


Which Course do I choose?

Which course

Concept Creator

Our introduction to the wonderful world of concept training. In this 6 week course we teach our dogs real life skills through the power of games, a fun and interactive way to train dogs. Our biggest focus is on cool, calm classes . You also get access to our student hub which has videos to keep you inspired and a library of files to keep you on track.

Concept Companion

Our premium package introduction to concept training. In this 8 week course not only do you get all the "Concept Creator" content you also get more tailored classes to suit the dogs in front of you, a Facebook messenger group where you can ask questions 24/7 and get real time replies with text and videos from the trainer. Perfect for those wanting to go the extra mile with their fur friend

Community and Games

Our reoccurring classes in various towns Formally called game on or socialisation classes. Each week we learn new games which shape and and grow our dogs in a fun an easy way. It's a fun safe way to socialise dogs while also mentally and physically tiring your dogs out. Completion of 1 of our course (in person or online), private lesson or Absolute Dog's program is recommended

Is your dog not ready to join a class? That's ok. We can try a 1 to 1 and gauge where your best fit might be or maybe you just want to work though an online course first. There is no right or wrong way to learn. 


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