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Since starting raw/ prey model diet for our dogs soon into 2008 , we have been on a mission to help both dog and their human learn a more effective and biologically correct way of doing things. Truffling for Alyssa came next after excelling in obedience classes took the plunge 2011 with her beautiful Labrador Nugget and found something that ignited her soul. Now with 4 dogs and many season under her belt is helping others find their way into the business that is truffle hunting



The treat business came about with the lack of variety back then in Western Australia. We now have a small team dedicated to training, diet, grooming and some great friends like Katie that have fantastic holistic treatments for all your furry friends

Our People Team

Alyssa Sadlo

Dog Trainer / Owner

Sue Middleton

Dog School Instructor and Truffle hunter 

Lachlan Sadlo

Truffle Digger

Our Dog Team




Husky x Akita





Alyssa Sadlo | mobile: 0409 044 202 | alyssa@thenaturaldog.com.au | PEMBERTON WA 6260

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