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How to prepare your dog for a storm.

Quick tips to keep your dog safe during the severe weather:

1. Bring them indoors. This will prevent dogs getting loose and keep them warm and dry.

2. Give them a cozy spot that you can turn into a "den".

3. Have some indoor activities prepared. You won't likely be walking your dogs much if the storm lasts for a couple of days. Go for little walks if you can and have games ready so you don't have a dog going stir crazy.

4. Mental work like training is a lot better for dog then trying to sooth with a pat.

5. If your dog is anxious let them find a spot they feel safest and let them be. Try not to reward unstable behaviour.

Did you know that your dog can sense the air pressure changing and can hear the low frequencies of a storm rolling in long before we can hear it. Signs to look for that your dog is becoming anxious to bad weather coming is tail down, eyes wide, panting, lip-licking, yawning and if you have gone too far whinging, shaking and cowering.

We recommend very early on in your training providing your dog with a safe spot that you can turn into a type of den. We use a crate with a blanket over it so it’s darker and quieter. You make it a spot that they can go to anytime that is comfortable and warm. It’s better if you have multiple dog to let them have separate dens but a communal area.

Another option is a Thunder shirts. This either works for your dog or it doesn’t. A Thunder shirt works by giving your dog a feeling of being surrounded, and emulates begin tucked into a pack. The same way swaddling a baby works for some.

Stay safe everyone. If you need any advice or help with coping with storms send us a message.

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